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Danish Ports works to solve environmental challenges in port operations such as odor, noise, smoke, water environment and waste, so that the best solutions are found based on the environment, economy and across borders. Danish Ports cannot solve the challenges alone, which is why Danish Ports also works with international environmental initiatives.

To ensure a clean port environment, we at Danish Ports therefore closely follow investigations of pollution from open scrubbers to ensure that water/sediments are not unnecessarily affected in the ports. Danish Ports works to reduce plastic in the ports/ports, we therefore participate in the Ocean Plastic Forum and collaborate with ports and environmental authorities to increase waste recycling.
The environmental impact of shipping is generally less compared to other modes of transportation, but with the help of cleaner technologies and better regulations, it can be made even better.

Danish Ports is therefore following the technological development of new and cleaner forms of energy, including shore power, but also the development of Power2X (hydrogen and ammonium are produced using surplus electricity).
We see ports as having a major role in a more sustainable transition.