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Investments and ports

Danish Ports is continuously working to ensure a coherent Danish infrastructure, where the ports are a natural part of ensuring the greatest possible accessibility and mobility in Denmark. As much freight as possible must be moved from the roads to the Blue Motorways to create the best possible mobility in society. Danish Ports is working to create a framework that ensures that Danish ports nationally and internationally are the natural ports of call. This will be achieved by working towards a better and joint transport plan that focuses on the road infrastructure to the port, as well as multimodal hubs with a smooth transition from road/rail to port. Therefore, we have also provided a number of inputs to the infrastructure plan that is being negotiated in parliament this spring. And in the government's proposal from April 9, the Danish ports were both mentioned and prioritized. We are now continuing to work from there.

Danske Havne already presented an infrastructure plan in January 2021, which you are welcome to read here.

Below you can read our latest infrastructure news: