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Why cruise tourism is good for Denmark and its ports 

  • Cruise guests contribute DKK 1.25 billion annually to Denmark's economy - primarily to the hotel and retail industry.
  • It created around 2,400 jobs in Denmark in 2019, and we need those jobs.
  • For ports, cruise ships are an excellent business, but the share of revenue from cruise ships varies from port to port.
  • Tourists, including those from cruise ships, help create life and turnover in the local business community, for example in shops, cafés and at attractions.

About industry developments

  • Over the last 10 years, the number of cruise ships calling at Danish ports has increased by 42%.
  • CMP is the largest cruise destination in Denmark with 351 calls in 2019, which is the highest number in CMP ever.
  • CMP is the 10th largest cruise destination in Europe and the port is a turn-around port, which means that passengers are exchanged in Copenhagen because the port is close to the airport and the port terminal is modern and designed for easy passenger exchange.
  • Ports outside Denmark are also experiencing growth in cruise business. In 2019, the Port of Rønne became Denmark's second largest cruise port, with 46 cruise ship calls throughout the year. The Port of Skagen has also experienced explosive growth, with 38 more calls in 2019 than in 2014.