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Hub for green transition

Danish ports are central to the green transition in Blue Denmark and the transportation sector as a whole. 

Ports are the hub where sea, road and rail meet. We need to use less energy for transportation in general and use new fuels. Sea must therefore replace road transportation when it is most climate-friendly. Ports are hubs for Denmark's wind turbine adventure and suppliers of infrastructure for ships. Ports are also increasingly becoming modern industrial clusters that bring together the business areas in which Denmark is a leader and which are most important in the green transition. Commercial ports therefore also play an important role in the green transition.

Danish ports are at the at the forefront and are the first in Europe committed as an industry to work with the the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and specific objectives for the green transition in ports.  

  • Focus area for an emission-free port: Danish ports are working towards being emission-free by 2030. The ports must ensure that the port's machinery does not use fossil fuels, that the port's own energy consumption is based on renewable energy and that the port becomes CO2 neutral.   
  • Focus area for the circular economy: Ports must ensure that the port's own waste is recycled and support the recycling of waste received from ships as far as possible. The aim is that at least 90 percent of all waste produced and received by the port is recycled by 2030.  
  • Focus area for green behavior among customers: In dialog with their customers, the ports will ensure that they can create good framework conditions that support customers' green behavior. Among other things, the ports must establish relevant energy infrastructure at and in connection with the ports, they must differentiate the charges for ship calls in relation to how green the ships are and provide the opportunity for green connection for the ships received at the jetty.  

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In the brochure below you can read about the green vision of Danish Ports.