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Photo: Port of Skagen
Photo: Port of Skagen

Denmark has always been a proud fishing nation, and the industry remains a cultural and economic cornerstone for numerous communities across the country. Despite post-Brexit challenges that have limited fishing opportunities for Danish fishermen, the Danish fishing industry has proven resilient and adaptable, with 3.4 billion worth of fish caught in 2021.  

Denmark is one of the leading fishing nations in the EU and as much as 87% of our fish is landed by members of Danish Ports. In order for fishing ports to continue to supply Danes with healthy and climate-friendly food and create jobs in the provinces, it is important that the following wishes are met:

  •  Fishing ports need to be much more involved by policy makers so that they can have their say when setting the framework conditions for sustainability, among other things. 
  • Fishing ports will be tax exempt for the transfer of fished waste. Alternatively, the tax amount should be collected in a pool that can support green transition in the ports.