Subsidy option

Denmark's Green Investment Fund

What can I apply for?

In collaboration with other funding sources (such as your bank), we co-finance companies and projects in the following areas:

Energy optimization
Renewable energy
Resource efficiency

Who can apply?

We provide loans to all sizes of private companies in all industries, to social housing organizations as well as to public institutions and companies that want to implement green solutions.

In addition, we can co-finance the suppliers that develop and deliver technology that supports the green transition.

We can also partner with, for example, grid and distribution companies, electricity and gas trading companies. In addition, we can work with other commercial players - including engineering consultancies, accountants, banks, business and interest organizations.

Amount & conditions

Maximum DKK 100 million and minimum DKK 2 million. It is possible to borrow up to 60% of the total project sum from the Danish Green Investment Fund. The term can be up to 30 years.

To get a loan from the Danish Green Investment Fund, two basic criteria must be met.

Firstly, the project must contribute to the green transition of society. This means that it must be possible to measure a green effect, for example in the form of reduced CO2 emissions or reduced energy consumption. Read more about how we measure the green impact in our annual report.

Secondly, the project must be financially viable. This means that the loan must be repayable with a return that matches the risk.

If you are a supplier of sustainable technology, you should also be aware that we only finance technologies that have proven commercial potential.

However, if you are a developer of a technology that is still in the early stages or have a smaller green project, we can refer you to Innovation Fund Denmark.


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