Subsidy option

Bornholms Erhvervsfond

What can I apply for?

New and existing businesses on Bornholm that are deemed to be able to strengthen the business and population development on the island have the opportunity to obtain loans from the fund.

Loans for projects in craft, service and trade companies can only be granted if the company has a sales perspective beyond the regional level.

Who can apply?

The fund can grant loans for investment in tangible and intangible assets in connection with the establishment of a new company, expansion of an existing company, diversification of a company's production with new products, or fundamental change in an existing company's overall production process.
Tangible fixed assets include buildings, equipment and inventory. Intangible assets include, among other things, patent rights and licenses.

The acquisition by an independent investor of fixed assets directly linked to a company that has closed or would have closed had such an acquisition not taken place can be supported.

In addition, the Danish Business Fund can - in special cases - provide loans for generational change.

Amount & conditions

Amount: approx. 12,500,000 DKK distributed annually over 10-15 projects

Interest rate
The interest rate for loans is currently 3% p.a. Interest is calculated and paid every June 30 and December 31.

Costs of borrowing
There is currently no formation commission in connection with loans in Bornholms Erhvervsfond.

The costs of establishing collateral are borne by the debtor.

Loans are repaid with semi-annual installments every June 30 and December 31.

The loans are usually interest-only for the first two installments. The term is adjusted according to the technical and economic lifetime of the financed assets, but cannot exceed 15 years.

Loans must be secured by collateral. In most cases, a mortgage will be required on the fixed assets for which the loan is granted, e.g. mortgages on buildings and/or operating equipment and inventory.

Generally, a guarantee is also required from the ultimate owners of the company.

Other collateral may also be considered if appropriate.

Loan limits
There is no fixed loan limit, as Erhvervsfonden's board of directors makes a specific assessment of each application. However, Erhvervsfonden can grant loans corresponding to a maximum of 50% of the total investment.


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